• What is the FIFA Ultimate Team Duplication Glitch?

    Enjoying your gaming experience is very important, but even more important, is being able to do so without being scammed in any way. Sometimes these FIFA scams are not dramatic enough to cause much alarm, but unfortunately these kinds of scams are not exactly few and far between.

    Most scamming exercises leave the innocent parties quite deflated and certainly very disappointed. A better way to enjoy all the offerings of EA Sports is to be completely aware and prepared for any scamming exercises so that you don’t fall into the traps.

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  • FIFA 15 Team of the Year (TOTY) Announced!

    January is an exciting time for FIFA Ultimate Team players and this is solely due to the release of the FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY), voted by UEFA.

    The FUT Team of the Year is a monumentally big period during the FIFA Ultimate Team life cycle and this is because not only the best players in the game are being released but it also leads to the cheapening of all other FUT players.

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  • Can I Get Banned For Buying FIFA Coins?

    As a FIFA Coin selling website this is a question we get asked frequently and it's an important question. We'd like to shed light on the situation from a company's perspective that deals with this subject on a daily basis and how it affects you.

    Prior to the release of FIFA 15 there were early rumours that users would no longer be able to buy FIFA Coins from websites such as ourselves at FIFA Coin Store and these rumours were further enhanced when EA released their 'showing cheaters the red card' article post. It even had us worried.

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  • Where Can I Find A FIFA Coin Generator?

    Knowing more about the ins and outs of any online game portal will help you better manage your gaming experience and keep you from getting scammed. Sourcing information on the different aspects of any particular game will also help you strengthen your position and come out a winner.

    Therefore, in the quest to keep abreast with all things FIFA, the following information should prove to be useful. This is especially important if you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you are losing actual real money to transaction platforms that are shady and certainly not a part of FIFA or EA Sports.

    Don’t Get Cheated!

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  • Release Date of FIFA 15 and Where to Buy it From

    Buying new additions is always very exciting, as well as important if you want to keep ahead in the game. However, it would be wise to learn a little more of what is being offered before making a purchase of any kind.

    Learn a little more about what you are purchasing
    You should be aware that there are actually two different editions currently available for FIFA 15. These would be the standard version and the Ultimate Team Editions which was previously known as the Ultimate Edition.

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  • FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup Details

    For better or for worse, any change made is usually not welcomed wholeheartedly at first. This usually applies to most types of changes across the board. The change that surrounds, and directly affects FIFA is no exception.

    Initially there was a lot of shock and dissatisfaction being expressed when the news of the change first surfaced, but with time EA Sports hopes that fans will eventually adapt to the new FIFA 15 without too much fuss. This should happen once they have all the facts and are able to benefit from the change.

    An overview of what is to be expected

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  • New Leagues Introduced into FUT 15 and Others Removed

    Fans of football leagues are usually very passionate about their chosen teams and don’t really embrace any changes very well. This is especially so when the said changes are deemed to be unfavourable to some of them.

    Disappointment or Excited Acceptance
    The Brazilian League is no doubt a much sought after platform for gamers on FIFA 15. Not only are most of the players on league good, but some of these qualities cannot be found elsewhere in other players as a team.

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  • Details of all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legends

    Imagine yourself playing with world class players at equally first class venues. Or maybe you would like to be the one calling all the shots during a football match. Well, all this is now completely possible with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

    Being the one who is practically in a position to pull all the strings and make all the decisions on who plays and who doesn’t is only one of the offerings to be enjoyed with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

    Exciting Additions

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  • Is it Possible to Transfer Your Progress from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15?

    Whenever something new hits the market, everyone wants to rush out and get themselves this latest “toy”, otherwise they will not feel complete. Although there are some things that are better left unchanged, the switch from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15 is not among them.

    The following view, on the issue, is designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone and everyone can understand the relevant steps involved and make the change painlessly.

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  • All Premier League Stadiums Now in FIFA 15

    The latest news on FIFA 15 that is being jubilantly welcomed is the securing of the Barclays Premier League Deal with EA. This mega deal is going to bring FIFA 15 into the limelight at a whole different level.

    Fans are excited surfing various sites to learn just how this new accomplishment is going to enhance their playing experience. This incredibly massive feat with Barclays Premier League is certainly going to significantly affect the overall FIFA 15 playing field style.

    Let’s take a closer look at what this new liaison really entails

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