Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Buy FIFA 18 Coins?
  2. How Do I Sell FIFA Coins?
  3. How Do I Know You're A Legitimate Website?
  4. When Will I receive My FIFA Coins?
  5. Do You Sell FUT Coins Worldwide & In My Currency?
  6. Will I Lose 5.3% of my FIFA UT Coins Due To Tax?
  7. Will You Sponsor My YouTube Channel or Website?
  8. You Are Out of Stock. When will You Have More coins?
  9. You Are Fully Stocked. When Can I Sell More FUT Coins?
  10. The EA Servers are Down - What Now?
  11. What Is Your Refund Policy?
  12. Still Have Ananswered Questions?

1. How Do I Buy FIFA 18 Coins?
Buying FIFA Ultimate Team Coins is easy once you know the concept. To send the coins from our account to yours we need to purchase a worthless player from you. To do so we need you to list ANY player on the transfer market with the same BUY NOW price tag as the amount of FUT coins you have chosen to buy. Once you have successfully listed a player all that remains is to inform our automated system of your player’s name and your unique club name (located in the top left corner of your FUT screen e.g. Class on Grass FC). Our system will confirm it’s found your player before you pay so that once you do complete your order it can instantly purchase the player that it’s been instructed to buy.

For example, if you choose to buy 100,000 FIFA Coins online then you will need to list a valueless player on the transfer market for 100,000 BUY NOW – Any starting price and auction duration is acceptable. We require the buy now price tag to be set to the amount of FUT 18 Coins you wish to buy because this feature allows us to purchase your player off the transfer market instantly, thus allowing you to receive the coins immediately after paying.

To start the buying process please select the console that your FIFA 18 game belongs to – PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Our automated system will guide you through the process of buying FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Coins but if you still don’t understand how it works then please do not hesitate to ask for assistance whilst buying from our live chat support team.

2. How Do I Sell FIFA Coins?
Selling your unwanted FIFA Coins to ourselves at FIFA Ultimate Team is a stress-free process due to our simple step-by-step automated system and instant payments. The procedure of selling us your FUT coins is just the opposite of buying FIFA coins online. Instead we list a worthless player on the transfer market for the same amount of coins you wish to sell. Once our system has listed a player for sale it will inform you of the search criteria that you will need in order to find and identify our player from the rest.

As soon as our player has been purchased for the agreed amount of coins our automated system will disburse the aforementioned amount of money to your chosen Skrill account instantly.

To see how much your FIFA UT Coins are worth please select the console which they belong to: - PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

3. How Do I Know You’re A Legitimate Website? is a website and trading company of Online Trade Solutions LTD. We are a well-established UK Company that sells our services of FIFA Coin trading worldwide to over 165 countries ever since our founding in 2011.
Our company is registered with the companies house and can be found with our company number 08536564. We are both tax and VAT registered.

Furthermore our website is secured by the highest bit-rated EV SSL certificate, provided by Comodo, which protects our user’s information and payment details. This can be evidenced by clicking on the green padlock on our URL bar that will display our company name and website legitimacy.

If you would like to read our customer’s independent reviews then please visit our Reviews Page.

4. When Will I Receive My FIFA Coins?
Speed of service is incredibly important to us as we strive to be the pioneers in the most instant delivery service of FIFA Coins. With thanks to our cutting edge technology we have developed an automated delivery system that purchases your unwanted player the very moment that you pay for your order. There is zero time delay in the transaction. By the time you’ve paid and picked up your control pad your player will have been sold and the ultimate team coins will have been accredited to your account!

5. Do You Sell FUT Coins Worldwide & In My Currency?
Despite our company being located in the United Kingdom we have the ability to sell FIFA Ultimate Team Coins worldwide and have already sold to over 165 countries since our formation.

Our website is very user friendly for customers of any nationality. We have a language selector in the footer of our website that will change our whole site into your preferred language. Furthermore we accept ALL currencies. Our website already allows the user to switch the currency to GBP (£), Euros (€) or USD ($). If your currency is not listed then please do not worry, we still accept your currency. Our payment gateway (Skrill) will accept your native currency and exchange it to GBP automatically.

If you wish to see how much our FUT 18 Coins cost in your currency then we recommend using this website for real time exchange rates.

6. Will I Lose 5.3% of my FIFA UT Coins Due To Tax?
Unfortunately we are unable to cover EA’s 5.3% tax. Our prices do reflect this but if you wish to receive exactly 100k, for example, our website will let you know during the coin selection stage how many coins you would need to buy to receive that exact amount (106k).

7. Will You Sponsor My YouTube Channel Or Website?
We do sponsor YouTubers, bloggers, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. However if you want to apply we require you to have a minimum amount of 1,000 subscribers/followers.
If you meet this requirement and would like to apply then please contact us using our Contact Page and inform us of:

- Your Full Name
- Your Channel/Website URL
- Your Amount of Subscribers/Followers

We will reply as soon as possible so please do not ask the live chat support agents as they are unable to help with this subject.
If you are a successful applicant then you will be offered free FIFA Coins or real money for your affiliation!

8. You Are Out of Stock, When Will You Have More Coins?
We are actively managing our stock levels so it is a rare occasion that we do run out of FIFA 18 Coins. However in such a situation please ask the live support team for an update on how long it will take on replenishing stock and they will be able to inform you immediately.

Please be aware our stock level is shown in real time so as soon as we have more you’ll be able to buy ultimate team coins once again. So keep refreshing the page!

9. You Are Fully Stocked. When Can I Sell More FUT Coins?
As mentioned previously our stock levels are monitored in real time so once our stock level drops below our minimum threshold the facility to sell us your Ultimate Team Coins will be enabled again.

If you sell FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Coins on a frequent basis then please add us on Skype at FIFA Coin Store and we will happily contact you as soon as we are looking to replenish our FIFA coin stock.

10. The EA Servers are Down – What Now?
From time to time EA’s servers do go down for maintenance which causes the transfer market and web app to go down. As a result of our dependency on them being online we will be unable to sell or buy FIFA 18 coins from our users until they’re back up.

Usually the maintenances are pre-scheduled and announced on EA Sports’ twitter page with the hours of operation. Therefore if you’re looking for when they’ll be back online click the link above!

11. What is Your Refund Policy?
If an unlikely case of coins being undelivered, perhaps due to the player auction expiring before payment or an unscheduled downtime of the EA servers then we actively try to contact the customer by email. Once contacted we are able to either issue a full refund immediately or to deliver the coins manually by relisting a new player for us to purchase.

If we are unable to contact you after 7 days an automatic full refund is issued back to the customer.

Once the FIFA Coins have been delivered there are no refunds available thereafter.

12. Still Have An Unanswered Question?
If you still have an unanswered question then please contact us by emailing or using our contact form on our Contact Page. We will respond as soon as possible!